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What is the "Adopt your city" program?

The “Adopt your city” program is the platform that brings together the City of Athens and the private sector. The program includes city interventions of all scales throughout Athens. Interested parties are invited to contribute to the work of the Municipality of Athens with ideas, infrastructure, and funds. The project aims to bring significant results in areas such as cleaning, lighting, greenery, sustainable development, homeless shelters, culture, social solidarity, public space upgrading, sports, education, and new technologies. Partnerships between the Municipality and the private sector can create significant added value for all the citizens of the largest city in the country.

Who is the program addressed to?

The program is based on the belief that public space belongs to everyone and its upgrade and sustainable development should be a priority of every healthy and productive group of the city. Thus, the program is addressed to residents of Athens, small and large companies, institutions and organizations but also to any party interested in “adopting” a street, a sidewalk, a park, a square, a playground, a stadium, a neighborhood and make them brighter, greener, more friendly to residents and visitors.

What criteria are used to select the projects that are implemented?

The projects implemented through the program are determined based on the needs of the Municipality of Athens.

Where does the program get its resources from?

Interventions implemented through the “Adopt your city” program are exclusively funded by donations, which can be either in kind or in cash.

How can I participate?

If you are interested in “adopting” a part of the city, you can fill in the application form, choosing an activity of the program, the area of ​​Athens your proposal concerns, as well as the contribution you would like to have.

Alternatively, you can contact Athens Partnership, the organization responsible for the implementation of the program together with the Municipality of Athens.

Tel: +30 210 331 2002


What kind of projects are included in the program?

The program includes, among other projects, small or large-scale interventions in squares, parks and other parts of the city, creation of pocket parks, equipment donation, support of social structures and programs, interventions for cleaning surfaces from smudges, illegal posters, tags and visual pollution, playgrounds and sports facilities, Christmas lighting decorations, upgrading school units.

Learn more about the projects that have been completed by the program so far here.

Do you organize voluntary activities in which I can participate?

Unfortunately, the program does not maintain a regular group of volunteers. In any case, you can fill in the form sharing your details, so that we can contact you if a project requiring volunteer participation arises.

Which areas of the city are included in the program?

The interventions of the “Adopt your city” program can be implemented at all the areas within the City of Athens.