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A clean city is key priority of the municipal authority and an undeniable condition for improving the quality of daily life in the city. Through donations of equipment and consumables, the demanding work of the Municipality of Athens is significantly strengthened.


“Dromeas”, the emblematic sculpture by Kostas Varotsos, is shining again with the support of Kärcher Greece, which undertook its cleaning through a demanding process of three phases and total duration of 15 hours.

Zero Waste Future

The Zero Waste Future, a social platform by Coca-Cola, expanded in a new exciting location: Gazi area in Athens (May – June 2021) with four-stream recycling stations and the participation of more than 70 coffee shops and restaurants in the area which through education in waste management and the use of special equipment have reached zero waste potential. Through activities and initiatives, the platform aims at raising awareness regarding waste management and increasing recycling in the area. The program is implemented in partnership with the City of Athens, and the NGO Ecological Recycling Society and the support of The Coca-Cola Foundation.

Clean Schools

The program of KLINEX “Living Clean at School” collaborated with the Municipality of Athens in order to meet the annual needs of disinfectant products for the 280 Public Primary Schools and Kindergartens of the Municipality for the school year 2020-21.


During the first wave of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Municipality of Athens immediately launched daily intensive disinfections among the city with the significant support of the Bodossaki Foundation that donated 120,000 liters of disinfectant liquid, Elais – Unilever Hellas that donated Klinex cleaning products, as well as the HELLENIC PETROLEUM GROUP/EKO and ELINOIL S.A. who donated fuels for the cleaning vehicles.

Electric vacuum cleaners

The electric vacuum cleaner upgrades the working conditions of pedestrian cleaning operators and the maintanace of public spaces becomes faster and more efficient. Through the program, 12 vacuum cleaners were donated to the Municipality of Athens and are already operating in the 7 municipal districts. The initiative was supported by Eurolife FFH who donated 7 vacuums, HENDO with 2 vacuums and National Bank of Greece, Piraeus Real Estate/Picar and Lidl Hellas who offered one vacuum each.