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City interventions, small or large scale, include urban equipment upgrade, new infrastructure building or maintenance and restoration of existing ones, cleaning, lighting, plantation, maintenance, and sustainable development of public spaces around the city.

Omonia Square

In May 2020, the renovated Omonia Square was reintroduced to the public. An emblematic landmark of the capital which in addition to being a transit hub, is also a point of reference and destination for thousands of people.

Major donors of the project: the A.C. Laskaridis Charitable Foundation, the Fontana Fountains, the ELLAKTOR GROUP with its company TOMI. The Onassis Foundation supported the restoration of the unique sculpture of G. Zongolopoulos.

The following companies also contributed to the completion of the project: LANDCO LTD, AGROHOUM SA, KERGON IKE and Green Code- G.X. Bakoulas & Co EU.

Mural at Panellinios G.S.

Eight famous Greek street artists, Bassment Rats, Cacao Rocks, Leonidas Giannakopoulos, Gospel, Kez, Soteur, John Tzomakas and Volkov helped transform the area surrounding the facilities of Panellinios, the oldest sports club in Greece, into an outdoor museum. The artists were inspired by the talented children of the club and managed to create the largest mural in Athens covering an area of 1,100m2.

The project was initiated by the Municipality of Athens and coordinated by ART HUB Athens, while the paints – more than 800 liters – were donated by KRAFT Paints Greece.

Mural painting in Κolonos

The globally renowned Greek artist INO created an impressive mural in Kolonos (Lenorman 44), titled “Taken Over” as an ode to the values of the Greek Guiding Association, celebrating its 90th anniversary this year. KRAFT Paints Greece supported this initiative through the donation of the requested materials.

Christmas Decorations

The City of Athens placed new impressive Christmas decorations and lights in 2019 through the “Adopt your City” program. With the participation of 19 entities of the private initiative, central parts of the city were illuminated, creating a festive atmosphere for all Athenians.

The initiative was supported by the Onassis Foundation, Protergia -the energy sector of the MYTILINEOS Group, Coca-Cola, OTE, Papastratos, PPC, AEGEAN, MOTOR OIL through nrg, NBG, National General Insurance Company, PANATHINAIKOS BC, Ionian Hotel Enterprises, Piraeus Real Estate/Picar, Athens Tiare Hotel, Hondos Center, KI.PO.KA, Attika Bakery, Wyndham Grand Athens, Wyndham Athens Residence and K29 (members of Zeus International), and Hellenic Breweries of Atalanti. In 2021, with the contribution of OPAP, Patriarchou Ioakim -one of the most iconic streets of the city centre- was given a new, festive character. 

Anoixeos Square

Anoixeos Square (Gazi) became greener and more beautiful with the support of attp advertising and Leroy Merlin who cleaned it, equipped it with new benches and more plants and trees. Leroy Merlin continued with a new intervention and “adopted” the neighboring park to their Vas. Sofias store rendering it friendlier to the residents and employees who frequent it.

Sustainable Mobility

Athens now has the largest network of publicly accessible electric vehicle chargers, with 25 recharging points in 19 areas. This initiative of the City of Athens, implemented with the support of Protergia, τhe Electricity and Natural Gas Sector of the company MYTILINEOS, enables every user of a hybrid and electric vehicle moving in the city to charge his vehicle at the installed recharging points. The company donated the necessary equipment, as well as the management system for remote monitoring of the chargers.

City Lighting

Three neighbourhoods of the city have become brighter with the support of Astra Zeneca as solar light were placed at the park on the corner of Agiou Antoniou and Irakleiou Avenue. Dimitriou Pikioni Square (Saoumpert) and the park on the corner of Agias Lavras, Rostan and Nikolopoulou.

Fokionos Negri

In June 2020, with the support of the private sector, 15 street cable boxes on the pedestrian street of Fokionos Negri were cleaned up and turned into works of art. The neighborhood was filled with color and positive vibes.